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Five Element Balancing Qi Gong – Practical

$7 per Class

Date: April 23 – June 4, 2016

Time: 1pm  – 3 pm

Duration: 7 Weeks


The International Capoeira Angola Foundation of Baltimore 1 North Charles Street Baltimore, MD (Entrance on Fayette St.)

Join this practical class to learn and practice ‘Five Element Balancing Qi Gong’.

This course is designed to heal the body and mind by balancing the five organ energy system.

Improve resistance, vitality and longevity through this system of postures, breathing, and healing sounds.

This class is for students of all ages to learn the techniques they need to cultivate and manipulate their Qi/ Life Force.

Please wear loose clothing & bare foot/soft shoes.

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* Also as an added benefit Acugraph charts will be offered to assist the student to diagnose the condition of their energy (Qi) meridians and how to utilize the knowledge acquired to achieve wellness in mind, body and spirit. The fee for a full Acugraph chart is $25.00.Teacher: Hlring Ra Aungkh Bio Info: BIO Inspired by Nigerian ancestry born in Rhode Island, Hlring Ra Ankh has been a practitioner of Qi Gong for well over 16 years. He has dedicated his life towards pursuing cultivation techniques that heal and enhance the functioning of our body. He has been initiated into the Wudang Long Men Sect by Master Liu Xiao Ling his primary martial arts and Qi Gong instructor. After witnessing the repair of his own injuries through Qi Gong exercises it has been his mission to share these ancient teachings with all interested in learning how to activate the greater potential and dormant faculties within their bodies. He offers students a wide array of forms of Qi Gong from 8 Pieces of Brocade, Five Animal Frolics, Muscle Tendon Changing Form, Wudang Qigong, 5 Element Qigong, and more. Hlring Ra Ankh is also very active with martial arts studying internal styles such as Baguazhang, Xingyiquan, Taichi, and Liu He Ba Fa. His person have been blessed to have great teachers who have provided guidance in his deepening development and understanding of Qi Gong along the way including, Chun Li Lu, Liu Xiao Ling, and Ra Un Nefer Amen, being amongst the most notable. Hlring Ra Ankh has taught Qigong classes throughout communities in Upstate New York and the DMV and offers personal Qi Gong consultations tailor made to one’s individual needs.

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