Taui University is the Ausar Auset Society and Taui Network Inc. provider of spiritual educational services to the international general public. Official universities have not kept up with the learning demands of the times and are for the most part lacking in the capacity, will or political freedom to teach the spiritual, esoteric, psychological, historical and sociological truths that are the only means of changing the present self destructive course of history. We realistically envision the day when Taui University, with your vote of confidence and participation, will become an official and accredited institution. The spiritual teachings that form the core of the present offerings of Taui University were generated by Ra Un Nefer Amen through his internationally acclaimed publications (Metu Neter, volumes 1 through 6, Maat 11 Laws of God, etc.). These teachings have been tested and verified by the Ausar Auset Society over the past 40 years. Taui University Class Locations: Following are the addresses for classes and contact information for class details and last minute changes in schedule and class venues.

The United States

New York: Ausar Auset Society Temple, 626 Flatbush Ave., 2nd floor, Brooklyn NY, 718 469-3199 10am-5pm EST, nvm@nilevalley.com, facebook.com/taui1.

Philadelphia:6008 Germantown Ave. Philadelphia Pa 19144, (215) 843-0900, www.ausarausetpa.com.

Pittsburgh: Classes held at University of Pittsburghs Student Union rm 310; (412) 608-4478, hetherusweetnes@aol.com, (412) 403-4202, bromin6@yahoo.com, facebook (AusarAuset Society Pittsburgh).

Baltimore, MD: www.BaltimoreAAS.org, (443) 983-5204

Washington DC: Senbeb Wellness Complex 6224 3rd St, NW Washington DC 20011, (202) 723-5566, www.ausarausetdc.org, facebook (AusarAuset Society DC). Visit our natural foods coop, cafe and cultural clothing store.

Norfolk, VA: Christ Church Uniting 6049 Indian River Road, Virginia VA 23464, (757) 286-0060

Charlotte, NC: Kamitic Life Center 2719 Tuckaseegee Road (704) 339-0038, www.aascharlotte.org.Visit our natural foods coop and restaurant. Durham, NC: goodfood@abanituorganics.com

Atlanta, GA: 1107 Ralph D Abernathy Blvd(678) 701-8011, www.aasatlanta.org, aasatlanta@gmail.com Facebook (AusarAuset Society Atlanta)

Orlando, FL: info@aasorlando.org, www.aasorlando.org, facebook (Ausar-Auset-Orlando).

New Orleans:(504) 638-5534

Mississippi: (504) 638-5534

Texas: (504) 638-5534

Oakland, CA: 2128 E. 29th St. Oakland CA 94606, (510) 253-8120, www.aasausarausetwestcoast.com aas.westcoast@gmail.com

Lexington, KY: TBA

Denver, CO: TBA

Chicago: AusarAuset Cultural Center 2108 E. 71 St. 2nd floor IL (773) 643-1340 www.aaschicago.org, facebook (AusarAuset Society Chicago).

Milwaukee: Khamit Institute 4712 W. Fond Du Lac Ave. WI 53216, www.aasmilwaukee.org

Outside USA

London UK: +44 7951 252 427 , tauinetwork.europe@gmail Toronto CA: follow us on facebook (Toronto-Ausar-Auset), (647) 222-0718 info@totontoaas.com

Trinidad & Tobago: Corner of Coffee and Drayton Streets, San Fernando, Trinidad, (868) 757-5078.

Ghana: Contact through London

South Africa: Contact through London